zondag 5 januari 2020

For the Quiet Ones......

"This is for the Quiet Ones.
Those who pray for peace on Earth daily.
The ones who make gardens for insects to thrive.
The artists who thrill and delight us.
Musicians gently weaving sound art.

Those who grow their own food.
The caretakers of the Ill and Elders.
Those who do rituals for and with Souls,
who are transitioning into other states
of being whilst living,
and those who assist the Ones crossing over.

The Citizen Scientists and Scientists
who diligently work to Conserve our Natural world.
The Farmers who work in synchronization
with the seasons and land in
an organic, crop rotation manner.

This is for the carers of abandoned animals.
All our relations that hold the fabric of our Planet
together despite the odds

I salute and respect the Quiet Ones
who silently do Magic and are never seen,
they do not wear Peacock feathers,
instead are the Sparrows,
filling the world with a necessary song".

tekst: Tass Two Crows Flying

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